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Program Nice Flor-S remote control from distant location

Using this method you do not need to have direct access to the control panel or receiver. However, you do need at least one original or compatible NICE FLOR-S transmitter that is already coded into the opener. Make sure to install the battery in the transmitter correctly.

1. Press the button on the new transmitter for at least 5 seconds and then release.
2. Press the button on the already programmed transmitter 3 times slowly.
3. Press the button on the new transmitter slowly and then release.
Note: Be careful not to accidentally store unwanted transmitters during remote learning procedure.


How to program Nice Flor-S compatible remote to original receiver board on YouTube

Brought by solidremote, we have posted the video programming  guide of Nice Flor-S rolling code compatible remote – the ultimate low cost compatible replacement solution on YouTube.

Solidremote SR-N2 is fully compatible with NICE FLOR-S / VERYVR / ONE garage door remotes, suitable for many NICE roll up, sliding doors and slide / swing gates as well as other NICE radio entrance automations using FLOR-S / VERYVR / ONE systems.

The above YouTube video is recorded using our Nice Flor-S compatible remote and original Nice Flor-S receiver board with a yellow-cap button as programming button.

Watch dozens of different brands – ATA BFT B&D Merlin Nice Came – video programming guide online at our YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/solidremote

Solidremote – the low cost Nice Flor-S compatible remote China factory provider.