Instructions on programming Nice Flor-S remote to receiver

Program to Gate / Garage Door Openers the same way as original NICE FLOR-S / VERYVR / ONE remotes, please refer to your receiver’s user manual. For a typical NICE FLOX2R Receiver, the programming procedure is as follows. Make sure to install the battery in the transmitter correctly.

1. Press the key on the receiver for a moment, the LED will turn on for 5 seconds. Within this time you must do the following.
2. Transmit the code number until the LED turns off pressing any key on the transmitter.
3. Release the transmitter key and wait a second.
4. Transmit the code to confirm by pressing any key on the transmitter.
Note: The LED will now flash 3 times meaning that the operation was done properly, if this does not happen, repeat the whole procedure from the beginning. Repeat the whole procedure if you want to enter a new code number.
4. Press the transmitter button to test operation.
Note: To remove a single transmitter’s code or all transmitter codes from the receiver memory please refer to your receiver manual.


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